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SPT Subject meetings coming up

During week 12 we will be having SPT meetings for parents to speak with subject teachers. This will enable parents to get more detailed information on how students can improve. The number of slots teachers have will be limited, and the appointments will become available for booking through SchoolSoft on March 8.

Please login to SchoolSoft to book times and get more information.

Yr 9 National Test in Science

We now know that IES Västerås will do the Chemistry (Kemi) National Test for Science. This week (week 10) we are completing a chemistry test in class, and next week we will begin our final (short) chemistry topic to wrap up all the core content, and revision of the topics which have been covered in Years 7, 8, and 9. Revision materials will be shared in the GoogleClassroom. Support sessions are held in D48 Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12:45-13:15.

In week 12, students will complete Part B of the national test - the lab /practical part. This is done in normal lab time, but may run over by 5-10 minutes.

The Science National Test is on Wednesday of Week 14. 

Good Luck Year 9!

/Mx Hales

From the Principal

Welcome back to school and a new exciting year at IESV!

So much is happening in and around our school just now. Inside the school, classes are doing cooperation exercises and setting the conditions for a stimulating and creative environment together with mentors and teachers


Outside of the school, work with the traffic environment and a well-planned bus stop is in progress to make it safer for the students to get to and from school.


We are now, in the beginning of the Fall term, going to have our SPT’s (student, parent, teacher meetings) with establishment of IUP’s (Individual Development plans) led by the mentors. Following that we will have our traditional Family BBQ and this year’s first meeting with guardians and student care representatives in the parent committee.


All of us who work at the school look very much forward to the coming academic year with all that it entails -  from teaching to activities and events.


So Welcome back to school and the academic year 2018-19 to all of our new and old students!


Ms Nyborg - Principal of IESV

From the Principal

Happy Summer

Wishing you a lovely summer holiday!


Thank you all of you students, guardians and staff for making the academic year 2017-18 a year to remember and to be proud off. Now we wish all of you a well deserved, long and warm summer holiday and welcome students back to school again on August 20th!


Ms Nyborg - proud principal of IESV

Spring Festival 2018

Last week we had our third annual Spring Festival here at IESV! We had a great turnout of students, staff, parents, siblings and other family members.

Our students planned many different activities and sold a variety of home-backed goods and drinks in order to raise money for class activities and trips. 

Inside the building our departments were showing off student work from the year, as well as other activities, such as an escape room!

We also had visitors from our Spanish Exchange, two teachers and a group of students who helped to make and sell the delicious churros that sold out! 

We had great weather and were so happy to see our IESV community come together. The event was planned by our PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) and Student Council and is looking for more members and suggestions to improve this event for next year. Thank you to all those that participated! 

Here are some photos from the event.