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Fundraising for Ukraine

Fundraising for Ukraine

This past month, IESV has been fundraising to help support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We have had a large team of both staff and students who have made cards and posters, delivered Candy-grams, collected donations and advertised for this event. We wanted to announce a resounding success - IES Västerås has raised 4,609kr to send to the Red Cross Organisation in Ukraine.

We are so proud to have a school community that stands up in support of the rights of others. 

One teacher who helped to lead and coordinate the event was Ms. Wassmer (English teacher in Year 7 and 8). We had a short interview with her to ask about the fundraiser and what it means for our community: 


"Why do you think it was important to have a fundraiser for this cause?"

When I started listening to the news and heard about the hardships that refugees from Ukraine are going through, I thought it was important for our school to show empathy and kindness to those that are facing hardships and uncertainty. Spreading kindness, and making a positive difference is always something we should prioritize as a school. 

"How was the response from students and faculty?" 

I have been blown away by the participation and enthusiasm for this cause. It is because of many generous people that we were able to raise so much! A lot of the money will be going to providing basic needs for refugees. Thank you everyone so much!

"What was one thing you learned about our school from it?"

I learned our school is filled with remarkable students and staff, and how together, we can make a big difference. I hope that our school community learned that small, positive actions can lead to something great, and take this with them throughout their lives. 


Thank you to everyone who helped out - we are always Stronger Together!

A message from Ms Segerstedt

A message from Ms Segerstedt

Internationella Engelska Skolan i Västerås är en dynamisk arbetsplats.

Det råder stor aktivitet. Här möts varje dag många människor i olika åldrar samt med olika bakgrund och olika erfarenheter. Detta ses som en stor tillgång. Det händer ständigt nya spännande saker på olika nivåer. Här finns engagemang och med stor ambition lyckas medarbetarna förmedla kunskaper till eleverna.

Här står lärandet i centrum och nya förmågor och färdigheter erövras hela tiden.

Nu väntar de nationella proven för årskurs nio och för årskur sex. En tid fylld av spänning men även en tid som signalerar att vi går mot våren.

Trots svåra tider med anledning av kriget i Ukraina lyckas vi förmedla lugn till våra elever. Elever och medarbetare kommer att ha ett stödprojekt för de lidande med anledning av det fasansfulla kriget. Elever och medarbetare arbetar hårt för att planera projektet och det känns oerhört fint att få hjälpa och stödja de som har det svårt och de som lider med anledning av kriget.

Med det ser vi fram emot att kriget ska ta slut och att elever och medarbetare får möta våren med lugn och tillförsikt.


Ms Segerstedt

Tillförordnad Rektor

The International English School in Västerås is a dynamic workplace this spring.
There is a lot of activity - every day, many people of different ages and with different backgrounds and experiences meet in our building. This is seen as a great asset to our environment. New and exciting things are constantly happening at different levels of our school. There is so much commitment here, and with great ambition the staff succeed in imparting the knowledge to the students that they need to thrive.
Here at IES Västerås, learning is prioritized first and new abilities and skills are being achieved all of the time.
Now the national tests are here for our Year 6's and Year 9's. This is a time full of excitement, but also a time that signals that we are heading towards spring.
Despite difficult times due to the war in Ukraine, we have succeeded in conveying a sense of peace and calm to our students. Students and staff will have a fundraising project for the suffering due to the war - they have worked hard to plan the project and it feels extremely nice to be able to help and support those who are having a hard time and are suffering as a result of this crisis. 
With that being said, we look forward to peace and that students and staff get to meet the spring with tranquility and confidence.

Ms Segerstedt
Acting Principal

From the Principal

A September letter from the Principal

A September letter from the Principal

Dear Students and Guardians at IESV


It is now September, and our school has been up and running for the past few weeks. The term has started well and we are impressed by the calm in our school. Our promotion and preventative work has given us the result we are striving for, and now we are continuing working with them this term.


I would like to begin by thanking you, the guardians, for the wonderful parent meetings and SPT talks that have taken place over the past two weeks. I can not stress enough the importance of us having a good collaboration with you at home. Together we work around the clock with the students, and to see your commitment means a lot, not only to us, but especially for the students! During our development talks, there was a very large attendance of parents and there were not many talks that weren’t conducted in regular time. However, we could see that the attendance during last week's parent meeting with the class mentors did not have as high attendance or that the interest was not as great in the parent group. From our side at the school, we want to encourage you to be a part of your children's everyday life, and to get to know the guardians of those with whom your children spend time. This will, of course, make it easier for mentors in their daily work with the class when guardians are fully involved. By saying that, I also want to take the opportunity to advertise for our PTA (Parents-Teacher-Association) coming up next month, on October 18th at 5.30 pm. These meetings will also take place online this term. We welcome all new and old class parents to the meeting! All information can be found on Schoolsoft. 


This term, we have redistributed our lessons in the students' schedule with a focus on reducing close contact and the spread of infection. This means that our students start and end at different times to prevent crowds inside and outside the school at the beginning and end of the school day. This is also to prevent congestion on public transport to and from school. In the same way that we ended the previous school year with all students being outdoors during breaks, we have also started this semester. This is also to reduce the spread of infection and to give students an opportunity to get some fresh air. We can see a great connection between the student’s movement outdoors during the break and the calm that prevails in the school. Furthermore, students continue to have a home classroom that belongs to their specific class, and for the time being, we do not use lockers in the corridor. This is to prevent close contact between year groups. This is our initial strategy to preventively try to prevent infection with Covid-19, which we know from experience has a tendency to increase after a holiday when everyone gathers again. However, when autumn strikes with cold, rain and other inclement weather, we will eventually return to letting students use their lockers again, but perhaps in a different way than before depending on recommendations from various authorities and mainly the Public Health Agency (FHM) and infection control doctors (smittskydd) in the Västmanland region . We still continue to work preventively on a regular basis in order to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. I would also like to encourage students and guardians to follow the Covid-19 Information that I regularly send out on Schoolsoft with the latest updates regarding our school. At the same time, I would also like to encourage you to follow the restrictions that still apply when it comes to staying home with the slightest of symptoms. This is something we must continue to take seriously and we will continue to send home students who show symptoms - I hope that as guardians, you will continue to support us in this work.


Last but certainly not least, I would like to take the opportunity to welcome our new colleague and also Assistant Principal with the responsibility for school's Academics, Mr Darren Wright, to us at IESV. Mr Wright most recently came from IES Eskilstuna, where he worked in a similar position, and we are happy to have him with us. Mr Wright replaces Mr Winkler, who took over as acting Assistant Principal during the previous academic year. Mr Winkler has now returned to his regular teaching position as a French teacher and mentor within our school.


Also do not forget to follow us on social media, such as our official IESV Facebook page and our Instagram. #strongertogether


As usual, we ask you not to hesitate to contact the school regarding various issues. The students' mentors are on hand for the daily conversation and management to support your general issues.


Thank you, 

Ms Nyborg - Principal

From the Principal

Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Dear Students and Guardians, 


Welcome back! We hope that you have had an enjoyable summer, filled with both rest and relaxation!


Last year was a year of change and growth in the shadow of the pandemic. We are now so excited to welcome you back to school and to a fresh academic year. Our staff has been working hard this past week to ensure that you will have one of the best years yet with us here at IES Västerås.


Due to the fact that we still are in a pandemic, we will be starting off the year the same as we left it last year - outside breaks, cubbies for each student, and year-specific corridors. This is to keep both our students and our staff safe, cautious, and healthy over these next coming months and prevent spreading the Covid-19 virus. 


Having said that, we have so much to look forward to when it comes to our students and their fantastic work ethic. IGCSE tests will be happening again this year in both English and Mathematics, as well as PRAO, National Tests, Student Council, PTA, and more - a lot to look forward to! We are so thrilled to welcome you back, and can’t wait for us to help each other to be #strongertogether. 


Ms Nyborg - Principal IESV

Theme of the Month- TOM

Theme of the Month- TOM

New this school year, we have introduced something new in our preventative work. We call it TOM - Theme Of the Month. We, who are responsible for TOM, are Ms. Kalldin (school counselor) and Ms. Beji (SDT/Mentor/Teacher). We create google slides about the topics and provide it to the teachers to show and discuss with the students during mentortime. Typically the mentors run through various provided texts, short film clips, workshops, and discussion questions etc. 

Thus far this year we have worked with these four topics Stress & Anxiety, Toxic masculinity/Gender norms, Bullying/Violence and ANDT (alcohol, narcotics, doping and tobacco). Themes that we are planning to work with in the spring term are Sex and Consent, Racism (black history month), Love (honor related violence prevention), LGBTQ+ and Mental health.

Every month we put something about the current TOM on Schoolsoft (under News from counselor) and in the school paper Argos.