Cooking up a storm at IESV

From the Principal
Cooking up a storm at IESV

Life at IES Västerås is as busy as ever. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting prospective grade 4 students in our new junior building. This was an opportunity for them to learn more about our calm learning environment and what to expect when they get here. After the initial nerves that one can expect with being in new surroundings with new people, the students settled down and seemed to be really enjoying themselves; it was great to see these young faces leave full of anticipation. The students managed the day perfectly and we are looking forward to welcoming them back next academic year.

Last year's grade 9 national tests results are now published and I am delighted to report that they are exceptionally good, and so too are the results for the final grade. IES Västerås students scored the highest results in Västerås and 100% of them are gymnasiebehörighet. I'd like to congratulate them and their teachers on a fantastic job. I am confident that this year's grade 9s will also perform at a high level. 

Moving on to grade 7 and IES Västerås achieved success in Läskampen, with class 7C achieving first place in their category. The competition is between classes in the kommun to see who can read for the most time over the course of 4 weeks. Collectively, 7C managed to read for a whopping 50 822 minutes. That's a lot of books and well worth the victory- my congratulations again to 7C. Below is a picture of Alireza collecting the trophy from Monserrat Arias of IDA at the Stadsbiblioteket.

And finally, the news that we've all been craving... I can proudly announce that construction on the new school kitchen has commenced! The Student Council were very happy to get the project under way, with a little help from a sledgehammer of course. They all did a smashing job of bringing down a wall of the old kitchen. IES Västerås is determined to have the best school food in Sweden and this was a big step in the right direction. When the students return in January they will be greeted by the amazing smells coming from Mr Synnerborn's kitchen. I'm getting hungry thinking about it!