Getting Into The Spirit

From the Principal

The weeks leading up to the höstlov are going to be especially interesting at IES Västerås. Our Student Council decided it would be good to keep our spirits up as the nights draw in and what better way to do it than with a Spirit Week!

During this week, there is a different theme for each day. Today was 'Just Rolled Out Of Bed Day' so the students and staff came to school in their pyjamas. There was a lot of crazy bed hair going on too (though not so much from me).

Tomorrow I'll dust of my best suit for 'Fancy Day', where everyone puts on their finest and fanciest clothes. I can't wait to see the fine etiquette and exemplary manners from our resplendant students.

Wednesday is 'Twin/Triplet Day' and Thursday is 'Opposite Day'. The week comes to a climatic end with 'Halloween Day' and the 'IESV's Got Talent' show. Next week we have Choice Day to look forward to as well. 

It's great to see the students having some well-earned fun and Spirit Week is proving to be a great success for everyone involved!