June update

From the Principal

Dear students and parents,

Today shows Sweden at its best; brilliant sunshine, lush greenery, a warm summer's day and the last week before graduation. To think that our school opens in just two months is a very exciting prospect!  All the pieces are falling nicely into place. The school building is nearing completion and we will soon begin furnishing. The foreign teachers have made preparations for their move to Sweden- both they and the Swedish staff are very excited to meet you all in August. We are currently working hard on ordering textbooks and equipping our modern classrooms. Schedules and classes will soon be ready and we have taken great care to contract a provider of school lunches who will ensure that we receive first class school meals. 

Last week we had a very enjoyable meeting with the future Year 9 students and their mentor Mrs. Alm. We also had their second mentor Mr. Begg from Scotland present via Skype. I’m sure Year 9 will be a great group and perfect role models for the younger students. I look forward to meeting you all soon!