A lot of things happening

From the Principal
A lot of things happening

IESV has been a very vibrant place lately, with many interesting things happening. 

All students and staff worked tirelessly right up to the Autumn break to make sure all the important academic and daily routines are in place. With these now set up and running smoothly, other activities and events have been able to emerge. 

The school took on a haunted look during Halloween, with students dressing up in their scariest outfits. There were even sightings of witches teaching in the classrooms and a skeleton Principal terrorising the corridors.

We have also now had our first Choice Day where students were able to choose from a range of activities from 'Soap Making' and 'Scrapbooking' to 'Gangnam Style Dancing' and the now legendary 'Quai Challenge'. All over the school there were happy and engaged students exploring their creative sides.

Our second Sports Day built on the success of the first. This time students took to the track and field to compete with themselves and each other. Special mention must made one of the students in Year 7 who broke his own high jump national record. This is an example of the superb effort shown by everyone for the whole day.

Our excellent students have also participated in various other competitions and events with great results. 7a won Läskampen 2012 in their group, reading a total of 54 684 pages over 5 weeks. They will receive a trophy and diploma as well the opportunity to meet August Prize nominated author Mårten Melin.

All students in Year 4 made the school proud by getting through to the next round of Schack 4:an. 4C and 4D even made 1st and 2nd place respectively. Congratulations to all the Year 4s on this big success and we will be supporting you in the next round!

The school's finest mathematical minds took part in Högstadiets Matematiktävling. We again have students who made it to the next round which will be held at Danderyds Gymnasium. Watch this space...

The school has also represented in 'Vi i 5:an' and 'Lego League'. In both cases we have been very impressed by the abilities and knowledge of our students and we look forward with eager anticipation to seeing more of the same in the future. Bra jobbat allihopa!

The run up to Christmas is an equally active time and I invite you to keep up with events here by visiting my blog.


Mr. Ledin

Scary things happened at HalloweenThe Principal haunting the corridorsThe Principal haunting the corridors