Masterchef Amir cooks with IES Students in Västerås

Masterchef Amir cooks with IES Students in Västerås

Avacados and don'ts: Amir spent the day teaching year nine students

Celebrity Chef Amir, known to TV audiences from Sveriges Mästerkock, swapped bright studio lighting for bright students when he spent the day at Internationella Engelska Skolan Västerås.

Amir, who won the popular televised cooking contest in 2014, worked with 25 students as he taught them how to prepare "Happy Fish Tacos".

The grade nine students had the chance to taste Amir's dishes before showing how well they could reproduce the foods, including fish tacos, salad with mango salsa, and home-made mayonnaise. (You can find the recipes here)

Student Lina Norling, 15, said: "We made tacos, but with fish that are good for the environment. Amir explained that the fish have been taken sustainably, which means not too many of them have been taken.

"I think my family would enjoy the meal if I made this for them and it is fun if you cook together with friends and family.

"I have seen Amir on television before, he won a cooking competition and he was great. Now when we got to know him a bit more he seemed very nice because he wasn't so into his work, he was talking to us and helping us. I learned a few things, like how to make mayonnaise, I have never done it before." 

Also taking part in the event was 15-year-old Henrik Telenius, who had no idea that they would be working with the celebrity chef. 

He said: "I do a lot of cooking at home, I like mixing flavours to see how it ends up. It was fun to have some professional guidance, I learned how to make a type of salad with salsa. I think I can use the salsa for other types of recipes as well.

"I didn't know it was going to be Amir that would be our chef, I have seen the show with him in. So I knew him and it was a big surprise that it was him. It was really fun working with him and I got a lot of tips. I will explain what we did to my dad who loves cooking a lot, I'll tell him the tips that Amir has taught me.

"I think everybody enjoyed this event. The people who have done a lot of cooking probably enjoyed it a bit more because they already had an interest in cooking, but maybe the ones who haven't tried cooking at home will now try because of this. Amir told us that our food tastes as good as when he makes it." 

The event had been organised in association with the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) which works internationally to promote sustainable fishing practices and products.

Amir said: "The MSC asked if I wanted to come to school and make food with the youngsters, I think it is great to cook with young people so I said yes and it has been really cool.

"The students learned to prepare fish and make their own mayonnaise from first principles.  The food they made was very tasty, and better than you get in many lunch restaurants in Sweden.  They were very good at tasting and then understanding what they needed more of, they could tell what was missing and find the right flavour to add right away. 

"It is important that students learn to prepare food, after air come water and food. We need to understand where what we eat comes from, that is really important.  People need to think about it from an ecological perspective and also for our own health, we shouldn't grow up on doughnuts and fried chicken.  When I am a pensioner I want to eat nice food, so it is important for me to teach young people how to cook well."