Principal's blog - A Bright Start

From the Principal
Principal's blog - A Bright Start

The year 2018 has started well and we are in full swing again. 

Students are settling into the routines and our wonderful staff are working hard everyday to deliver the best possible education. I'm proud to walk around our school, listening to students and teachers interact with one another in classrooms and corridors


National Tests are being completed successfully, students have been visiting Expectrum here in Västerås, year 4 completed Schack4an with an incredible result and PTA is working together with our Student Council to organise this years Spring Festival. We are also looking forward to our exchange student visitors from Spain and are planning a program for them that shows the best of Sweden and Västerås.  Winter break is almost upon us and then after this are the few short weeks to graduation. Meanwhile and as always we all continues to strive to make our school the best it can possibly be. 


Let me just take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their hard work and dedication to making IESV such a proud place to work. 


Ms Nyborg