Qualified Teachers in IES Classrooms

Qualified Teachers in IES Classrooms

Qualified: IES has a far higher proportion of qualified teachers

The latest figures show that Internationella Engelska Skolan has a far higher proportion of qualified staff than the national average. 

In total 88 per cent of IES educators this year are certified  teachers, while the remaining 12 per cent are working to attain their qualifications. According to Skolverket, 68 per cent of teachers in middle school nationally carry formal teacher qualifications, 32 per cent not. Of the 1209 teachers working in Internationella Engelska Skolan this year, 39 per cent were certified abroad; they are recognised as qualified teachers under Swedish school law when teaching in English.

Ralph Riber, CEO of Internationella Engelska Skolan, said: "We remain committed to recruiting dedicated and qualified teachers as we continue to ensure quality comes first at our schools. The national proportion of unqualified teachers is almost three times higher than it is in our schools.

"Our aim is to increase the proportion of certified teachers in our schools every year until all our teachers have teacher degrees and our educators from Sweden all have their Swedish teachers' certificate (Lärarlegitimation).

"In an ideal world we would hope to reach the point where they are all certified. However, as the figures show, clearly there is a national shortage of qualified teachers in Sweden, and that presents a problem for all schools across the country, including municipal schools.

"The fact that we are able to attract outstanding teachers from English-speaking countries helps our schools to have a far higher proportion of qualified staff than the national average.  For the current academic year we recruited an extra 170 international teachers, and all of them came with a background of strong teacher education. Many of these teachers come from countries recognised for the strength of their teacher training, such as Canada, as well as the UK, the USA, Australia and other English-speaking countries.

"Our teachers from abroad are also important in developing the international environment of our schools and creating the bilingual environment that helps our students learn to command the English language.

"However, we also want to recruit the best teachers qualified in Sweden. More than 50 per cent of our teachers are Swedish. We know that the dedication and professionalism of these Swedish staff is also a key factor in the success of our schools.

"Our safe, calm schools, the international working environment that we offer, and the chance to share best practice with colleagues from other countries are all benefits which we know appeal to many teachers from Sweden. Each year we recruit new staff from Sweden and abroad as Internationella Engelska Skolan grows, opening more schools and teaching more students."

For more information about working for Internationella Engelska Skolan, or to see our current vacancies, visit www.engelska.se/careers

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