Science Lab

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Science Lab

Science lessons are an opportunity to open students eyes and expose them to situations and phenomena that are not easily explained. During this session the students explored the history of making soap. They discovered that soap had been used for 5000 years and was originally made using animal fat and ash from a fire. Later the Romans used urine and finally the celts created a soap called saipo - where the word soap comes from.

IESV students combined coconut and olive oil with sodium hydroxide to create high quality soaps. They then used natural ingredients to colour the soaps and essential oils to give them a scent. The outcome was fantastic and students were amazed at how 2 liquids can combine to make a solid

For the explosion

Nothing catches the attention of students that creating a half metre fiery explosion. During the demonstration, Mr Hurdsfield combined Calcium and Hydrochloric Acid to produce Hydrogen gas. The hydrogen was trapped in a sealed bottle. The Hydrogen was then lit causing a huge flame and bang. The students had never seen anything quite like it.