Sports Day at Björnö

From the Principal
Sports Day at Björnö

A crisp, clear winter's day provided the perfect setting for our sports day at Björnö. Students arrived at school warmly wrapped up with sledges, skis and ice skates at the ready. Our year 9s practised ice survival skills, with 2 fearless students taking the plunge by jumping into the freezing cold lake. Fortunately, everyone did a great job of getting the brave duo out of the lake and they were all rewarded with a sauna by the shore.

IESV has invented a new winter sport which combines snow and rugby- we call it 'Snugby'. This proved to be very popular with our sporty students who ran, tackled, dodged and dived throughout the day. Perhaps we can have a snugby team at the next winter olympics?
It was great to see lots of smiles everywhere and my favourite part of the day was speeding downhill on a sledge. Overall, it was a fantastic day full of fun and all the staff and students slept really well that night.