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Vi anställer! Läs mer...
(Photo) Västerås(Photo) Västerås

IES Västerås Open House 

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(Photo) Västerås(Photo) Västerås
(Photo) Västerås
(Photo) Västerås

School Blog

  • A September letter from the Principal

    A September letter from the Principal
    Från rektorn

    Dear Students and Guardians at IESV


    It is now September, and our school has been up and running for the past few weeks. The term has started well and we are impressed by the calm in our school. Our promotion and preventative work has ...Read more

  • Welcome Back

    Welcome Back
    Från rektorn

    Dear Students and Guardians, 


    Welcome back! We hope that you have had an enjoyable summer, filled with both rest and relaxation!


    Last year was a year of change and growth in the shadow of the pandemic. We are now so ...Read more

  • Theme of the Month- TOM

    Theme of the Month- TOM

    New this school year, we have introduced something new in our preventative work. We call it TOM - Theme Of the Month. We, who are responsible for TOM, are Ms. Kalldin (school counselor) and Ms. Beji (SDT/Mentor/Teacher). We create google slides about the ...Read more

  • Choice Activities

    Choice Activities

    Just a couple of the wonderful "Choice Activites" happening in and around school, some of which included :-

    Cross Country Skiing


    Just dance


    Hair, nails and make-up

    Käpphäst ( ...Read more