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Erasmus Project Underway

Erasmus Project Underway

The “Erasmus Team” is proud to announce that we are officially working with the Escola Nova Povill school in Spain. The aim of this project is to develop language skills and instill in our students the confidence and competence to express themselves as well verbally as they do in reading and writing in the target language. This 24 month project sees the opportunities and benefits of co-learning across borders, and will also provide opportunities for teachers of both countries to learn good teaching practices through collegial learning. The project primarily revolves around the year 8 students now, who in year 9 will visit Spain to gain experience and become more competent and confident verbally in Spanish. Secondarily, the project concerns the year 6 students who will also be participating in local activities (such as presentations, videos, traditions, etc) since they will be the next round of students this project will affect when they become Year 8 students themselves. This project is a whole school project that will be embedded into different subjects, year groups and activities. 

So what have we started so far!?

The Year 6 students have initiated the project with the help of Ms. Kanus by starting an “email-exchange” with the Year 6 students from Escola Nova Povill. Throughout the year they will continue to get to know the traditions, culture and customs of the students in our partner school, whilst practicing English and Spanish. 

In Spanish, with the help of Ms. Giordanino and Ms. Sanchez, the year 8 students are writing letters and presenting who they are to the Year 8 students in our partner school. 

We have also sent three of our teachers to Spain (Ms. Abrahamson, Ms. Ferguson and Ms. Maia),  where they spent 5 days doing workshops and working with students at Escola Nova Povill to gain skills which can be shared with our teachers here in Sweden.

We are excited to begin the project! Let us know if you have any questions or if you are eager to get involved. 

The “Erasmus Team”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Education, Education, Education.... By using recycled wood in träslöjd we are saving a few trees in the here and now. By planting this knowledge in the students and speaking about awareness, their thoughts will save 1000's of trees in the years to come. That’s the power of education. The future is built on it.


‘A Cityscape Formed By High Aspirations’

‘A Cityscape Formed By High Aspirations’

‘What does High Aspirations mean to us ?’

This cityscape is of our beloved Västerås. It was added to one of our corridor walls as a basis communicating how ‘High Aspirations’ going to be part of our lives. 

We need your help to finish this wall. We need Parents and Students to take part and send a message of what high Aspirations means to you and we shall add this message to this wall. Our school is built on systematic high aspirations for the children to build the best possible future full of met aspirations.


So, send a ‘Caption’ or Message to your mentor that you would like to see on the wall and we shall add this wall and make it a true interactive message from all of us and a daily reminder ‘The Future is incredible and we are going to form it with our High Aspirations’. 

Literacy Leaders

Literacy Leaders

If you have ever influenced somebody to read, then you are a literacy leader. Leaders influence others. 

All students share something very special in common: from the new grade 4s, mastering English for the first time, to the grade 9s, mastering the concepts and knowledge required to carry them into Gymnasiet…


What is this? To quote Mr. Johnsson “You are what you read”. 

What do you think this means? It means that if you are prepared to spend time reading then you will become part of those words. You will enjoy it and you will use the words in your own way. 


Below is a collection of pictures of IESV teachers with one of their favourite books over their face. What does this mean? 

Well, as you may have experienced, when you really enjoy a book this book can become part of you and your thoughts. This collection of pictures are a fun way of expressing this.  


How can you be part of this literacy leadership fame?

It would be fun if you could also send a picture of yourself and your parents/guardians and be part of this! It’s simple. 

Find a book that has influenced you

Have someone take a picture in the way the teachers have below

Send this image to your mentor and then we’ll have this image added to the website! What fun!




From the Principal

Principal's Blog - Life at IES Västerås

Principal's Blog - Life at IES Västerås

IES Västerås is a place ’Where teachers can teach and students can learn’. It is a rejuvenating process to walk around the school and experience this. 

We master english and swedish and use the academic terms of these languages to navigate through challenges in school. That’s personal growth! I am always amazed how english and swedish can be mastered by our students. This doesn’t just happen, but happens due to the constant hard work and determination to make it happen. That’s living the values!

Over the coming weeks knowledge will be taught, so gained, challenged, coached and tested. Lots of questions shall be created and answered and the language of learning brought to life in the classrooms. That’s the brilliance of life in a school. With the dedication to IES shared values leading the way, each person can be proud of high aspirations for themselves in the classroom, but also have high aspirations for our behaviour and manners. 

Manners are central to our behaviour leadership ethos. A simple ‘Please’ or ‘Thank you’ is essential in communicating politely throughout the day. Have the highest of expectations for behaviour and manners is a social norm. 

The last week’s in school have been great fun, allowing different theme days to be lived such as ‘Dress your Best’ and the grade 4/5 party organised by teachers and grade 9’s! Many more fun events shall be approaching. 

In school you’ll be hearing some interesting terms echoing through school in the coming weeks, such as ‘Literacy Leader’ and ‘Growth Mindset and Grit’ and ‘High Aspirations’. 

Students, go to the library to find out more! Reach for the extra mile and enjoy the journey over the coming weeks!