Fundraising for Ukraine

Fundraising for Ukraine

This past month, IESV has been fundraising to help support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We have had a large team of both staff and students who have made cards and posters, delivered Candy-grams, collected donations and advertised for this event. We wanted to announce a resounding success - IES Västerås has raised 4,609kr to send to the Red Cross Organisation in Ukraine.

We are so proud to have a school community that stands up in support of the rights of others. 

One teacher who helped to lead and coordinate the event was Ms. Wassmer (English teacher in Year 7 and 8). We had a short interview with her to ask about the fundraiser and what it means for our community: 


"Why do you think it was important to have a fundraiser for this cause?"

When I started listening to the news and heard about the hardships that refugees from Ukraine are going through, I thought it was important for our school to show empathy and kindness to those that are facing hardships and uncertainty. Spreading kindness, and making a positive difference is always something we should prioritize as a school. 

"How was the response from students and faculty?" 

I have been blown away by the participation and enthusiasm for this cause. It is because of many generous people that we were able to raise so much! A lot of the money will be going to providing basic needs for refugees. Thank you everyone so much!

"What was one thing you learned about our school from it?"

I learned our school is filled with remarkable students and staff, and how together, we can make a big difference. I hope that our school community learned that small, positive actions can lead to something great, and take this with them throughout their lives. 


Thank you to everyone who helped out - we are always Stronger Together!