IES Västerås Comes Back To Life...

Från rektorn

Yesterday was a very special day for me as I was able to offer a warm welcome to our new students in years 4 and 6. I'm sure this was a very special day for them too. These students have changed school, have a new teacher, new classmates and are now learning a new language that will open the door to many new opportunities for them. I really admire their courage in making this decision and taking such a big step. I am looking forward to getting to know them all and I've met some great characters so far! 

I also want to welcome back our existing students who contributed so much last year towards making IES Västerås a positive learning environment. We are joined by a number of new international and Swedish staff who, I can confidently say, strengthen our team a great deal.

We have a great year ahead of us, make sure you stop by my blog to keep up with all the news and events happening here at IES Västerås.