Från rektorn


Time flies! It feels like summer was just yesterday but today when I look out the window I see the first snowflakes fall gently to the ground. Even though we can see the end of the term there is still lots of things we need to do before waving goodbye to 2016.

First and foremost I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the fun and interesting meetings I had the pleasure to take part of during our SPT days week 43. For me communication with parents is just as important as it is with the students. It is also fun to see that so many parents have been seizing the opportunity to visit the school during their allocated times. I bump into parents in our corridors and classrooms almost every day, which is both fun and something I am a strong supporter of.

We are currently focusing on how to increase the active student influence in our school and how to allow them to be a part of the decision making in regards to their teaching, but also in activities such as sports days and other school events. Our school’s Student Council, lead by the two new presidents, are hard at work planning our Open House together with the PTA. The Open House, which takes place December 7th, welcomes all parents and siblings to come and take part of our organisation.

Further the school’s Student Health and Safety Officers (elevskyddsombud) together with the Health and Safety Officer (skyddsombud) are working on the school environment, I am eagerly awaiting more information from them in this important task. With this in mind I would like to once more praise students and teachers who during last weeks fire drill showed a prime example of how a fire drill should be done. All 750 students and staff responded promptly to the alarm and lined up quietly in their classes in shorter time than ever before - it was an impressive sight!

So it may be a hectic, but fun, November we have to look forward to!