Springtime at IES Västerås

Från rektorn
Springtime at IES Västerås

I'd like to start by welcoming you back from the Easter Holiday. We are feeling revitalised and ready for a productive run-in to summer! 

Everyday I take pride in seeing our students helping each other, working hard and contributing to the positive school environment. Having a school where teachers can teach and students can learn is very important. One way of achieving this is through our positive behaviour initiative. When a student shows positive behaviour, whether social or academic, they are rewarded with a point for their house. Our school has 4 houses- Blue, Orange, Yellow and Green. Points are accumulated and each month the students from the house with the most points take part in a Reward Day. 

Today was just such a day, and students in the Orange House were rewarded with the activity of their choice for an hour in the morning. Some chose to play dodgeball in the gym with Mr Quai. Others played Ping Pong outside with Mr Molloy. Ms Thompson ran the cinema room whilst Ms Condon and Ms MacIntosh made scones and chocolate balls respectively. Students put their Fifa 13 skills to the test in the games room with Ms Åhlin and Ms Cegrell played Guitar Hero with another group of Orange House students. I strongly believe that positive behaviour should be recognised and rewarded and days like this offer a great way of doing so.


In other news, I am delighted to announce that IES Västerås will play host to the next IES Regional Conference for the mid-region schools. We look forward to welcoming IES Örebro, IES Karlstad and IES Eskilstuna here in September. The conference last year in Karlstad was a huge success which we hope to build on. One of the many advantages in being an IES school is that we can share best practice and support each other in moving forward. 


Finally, I would like to thank our landlords Lönnbacken for contributing a drum kit and PA system to the Music Department. The drum kit is already getting lots of use and the PA system will come in very handy at the school variety show later in the term. Though we value a calm environment in school, I think an exception can be made here!

Mr Ledin