What A Load Of Rubbish!

Från rektorn
What A Load Of Rubbish!

Greetings from sunny Västerås,

This week, Ms Stålhammar (5b) organised skräpplockarvecka (pick up litter week) at IES Västerås. With the sun shining the students have been able to put on their gloves and go out collecting litter and rubbish from the area around our school. It is amazing what they managed to find! A couple of examples include old hubcaps, a shopping trolley, planks of wood, signs, buckets and containers as well as many other strange things. Fortunately, our Caretaker Mr Schröder was there to help with yellow rubbish bags and to take things that the students didn't want to touch. The arrival of 6 new litter bins to go outside the school will also help everyone keep IES Västerås looking as beautiful as it does now. For all their hard work, every student will receive a reward on Monday...

Earlier in the week, 4d celebrated their success in Schack 4:an. We are very proud to announce that they will be competing in the National Final to be held here in Västerås at the ABB-arena on 1st June. Ms Rosengren has done a great job of leading and supporting 4d in this competition. I am delighted with their progress and was very happy to support them in eating their celebratory chess cake!

Staying with the chess theme, check my blog next week to find out what's happening here at IES Västerås.

Mr Ledin