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From the Principal

Welcome back to school and a new exciting year at IESV!

So much is happening in and around our school just now. Inside the school, classes are doing cooperation exercises and setting the conditions for a stimulating and creative environment together with mentors and teachers


Outside of the school, work with the traffic environment and a well-planned bus stop is in progress to make it safer for the students to get to and from school.


We are now, in the beginning of the Fall term, going to have our SPT’s (student, parent, teacher meetings) with establishment of IUP’s (Individual Development plans) led by the mentors. Following that we will have our traditional Family BBQ and this year’s first meeting with guardians and student care representatives in the parent committee.


All of us who work at the school look very much forward to the coming academic year with all that it entails -  from teaching to activities and events.


So Welcome back to school and the academic year 2018-19 to all of our new and old students!


Ms Nyborg - Principal of IESV

From the Principal

From Ms Nyborg

Walking around school just now fills me with such pride. There are hard working, courteous and kind students everywhere. Listening to their excited conversations about classes and our wonderful staff fills my heart with glee. The long dark winter days are over and spring has finally sprung which means the students are spending more and more time out in the sun during breaks and there is very little time left before summer break. Plans for Graduation and Prom are in full swing, Year 9 students are both excited and a little sad to be leaving. Students are busy with National Tests and are working hard to do their absolute best. Our annual Spring Festival, which is being arranged by the Student Council together with our active PTA, is coming up soon and we are this year proud that this event happens when our exchange students from our partners school in Spain are visiting us.

 We are also very happy that our cameras have been installed around the school to help improve security and are a great source of comfort to both the students and staff alike.

At the same time that we are planning for the end of this academic year we are also busy preparing for the next, the academic year of 2018-19, to welcome our new 128 Year 4 students in the absolute best way possible.


Ms Nyborg - proud principal of IESV

From the Principal

Principal's blog - a bright start to 2018

The year 2018 has started well and we are in full swing again. 

Students are settling into the routines and our wonderful staff are working hard everyday to deliver the best possible education. I'm proud to walk around our school, listening to students and teachers interact with one another in classrooms and corridors


National Tests are being completed successfully, students have been visiting Expectrum here in Västerås, year 4 completed Schack4an with an incredible result and PTA is working together with our Student Council to organise this years Spring Festival. We are also looking forward to our exchange student visitors from Spain and are planning a program for them that shows the best of Sweden and Västerås.  Winter break is almost upon us and then after this are the few short weeks to graduation. Meanwhile and as always we all continues to strive to make our school the best it can possibly be. 


Let me just take this opportunity to thank everyone for all their hard work and dedication to making IESV such a proud place to work. 


Ms Nyborg 

From the Principal

Principal's Blog - Winter Break 2017

As the end of one year closes and a new one begins it's always a great time to reflect back on how the year has gone and how we can be moving into the future. You have survived challenges and succeeded when you thought it was impossible. You have worked hard and given it your absolute best. You have shown courage and determination to improve but most of all you have the chance to surprise yourself and others just how much you are able to achieve, to be proud of yourself! Remember, our mistakes are often just lessons designed to help shape the course of this amazing journey of life and give us the chance to reach even further than even we thought possible. As we look forward into our futures I ask you to paint it bright, bold and vivid. Live in the now but plan for amazing tomorrow's.


Enjoy the winter break spend time with your friends and family share food, laughter and love and return in the New Year ready to continue our amazing time together.


Wishing you all the best from myself and all the staff at IES Västerås.


Ms Nyborg - Proud Principal of IES Västerås

From the Principal

Principal's Blog

It's autumn and winter is quickly approaching again and I want to take this time to ask both students and parents to be extra careful when traveling from and to school. Reflective bands and clothing can really help and I ask that drivers to please slow down when dropping off and collecting students, thank you.

Recently we had the great talent show performed by very talented students and special cultural dishes made by our kitchen in collaboration with our teachers from around the world. All with great results, so I want to thank everyone who has been involved in these activities.

IES Västerås continues to be a place I as a principal am extremely proud to be a part of and thank everyone for their hardwork and dedication to making this school amazing. Now we are looking forward to our Open House and for the start of this academic year’s National Tests coming up.

From the Principal

From the Principal

Things are back in full swing again here at IESV.

The term has started well with a very successful BBQ and Meet n Greet. Classes are settling into their usual routines and lots of students are reporting that they are happy with the re-mixing of classes and they have had chance to make some new friends. Teachers as well as other members of staff have noticed how calm the corridors are and they hope they can continue this way.

Autumn is hectic time of the year with an student exchange program to Spain and different cultural and sport event as well as our annual Open house for all students and parents.

I myself is looking forward to the weeks ahead and know with such a great team behind me we can make a real difference to all the lives of our students here at IES Västerås.


Ms Nyborg - principal

From the Principal



Time flies! It feels like summer was just yesterday but today when I look out the window I see the first snowflakes fall gently to the ground. Even though we can see the end of the term there is still lots of things we need to do before waving goodbye to 2016.

First and foremost I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all the fun and interesting meetings I had the pleasure to take part of during our SPT days week 43. For me communication with parents is just as important as it is with the students. It is also fun to see that so many parents have been seizing the opportunity to visit the school during their allocated times. I bump into parents in our corridors and classrooms almost every day, which is both fun and something I am a strong supporter of.

We are currently focusing on how to increase the active student influence in our school and how to allow them to be a part of the decision making in regards to their teaching, but also in activities such as sports days and other school events. Our school’s Student Council, lead by the two new presidents, are hard at work planning our Open House together with the PTA. The Open House, which takes place December 7th, welcomes all parents and siblings to come and take part of our organisation.

Further the school’s Student Health and Safety Officers (elevskyddsombud) together with the Health and Safety Officer (skyddsombud) are working on the school environment, I am eagerly awaiting more information from them in this important task. With this in mind I would like to once more praise students and teachers who during last weeks fire drill showed a prime example of how a fire drill should be done. All 750 students and staff responded promptly to the alarm and lined up quietly in their classes in shorter time than ever before - it was an impressive sight!

So it may be a hectic, but fun, November we have to look forward to! 

From the Principal

Our new Student Lounge

Our Student Lounge is now open. Students can go there on breaks and relax, play ping pong, play games, read, chat, do homework, buy healthy snacks etc. Our Activity Leader Mr. Lehtonen has done a great job decorating the lounge and he works there every day.

From the Principal

A fantastic first week

I had a fantastic first week and I hope all students and staff members have had as well. Now the school is 'back to normal' with lessons underway, classrooms filled with students eager to learn and teachers working hard to make sure all students get high-quality lessons.

We start off this academic year with lots of interesting events and happenings. Next week we have our first sports day and we will open the doors to our new Student Lounge - check next week to see how it went.

Mr. Ledin