(Photo) Västerås(Photo) Västerås
(Photo) Västerås(Photo) Västerås
(Photo) Västerås(Photo) Västerås
(Photo) Västerås

IES Västerås


Mentor Day

January 8th 2010


School Blog

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    Education, Education, Education.... By using recycled wood in träslöjd we are saving a few trees in the here and now. By planting this knowledge in the students and speaking about awareness, their thoughts will save 1000's of trees in the years to come. ...Read more

  • ‘A Cityscape Formed By High Aspirations’

    ‘A Cityscape Formed By High Aspirations’

    ‘What does High Aspirations mean to us ?’

    This cityscape is of our beloved Västerås. It was added to one of our corridor walls as a basis communicating how ‘High Aspirations’ going to be part of our lives. 

    We need your help to finish this ...Read more

  • Literacy Leaders

    Literacy Leaders

    If you have ever influenced somebody to read, then you are a literacy leader. Leaders influence others. 

    All students share something very special in common: from the new grade 4s, mastering English for the first time, to the grade 9s, mastering ...Read more

  • Principal's Blog - Life at IES Västerås

    Principal's Blog - Life at IES Västerås
    From the Principal

    IES Västerås is a place ’Where teachers can teach and students can learn’. It is a rejuvenating process to walk around the school and experience this. 

    We master english and swedish and use the academic terms of these languages to navigate through ...Read more

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